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Pest Control Corporation
Huntsville: 256-929-1024  Athens: 256-262-9233  Decatur: 256-274-9210

AAAPest Control Corporation provides Pest Control, Termite Control, Lawn Care, and Foundation Services to Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Customers in Huntsville Al, Athens Al, Decatur Al and North Alabama. Professional and guaranteed services keep our Customers happy year round. We are proud of our "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau, and strive to provide our Customers with safe, effective, and superior professional services. We are unique in that you can have your Pest, Termite, and Lawn Care Services with one company and with one technician. Our trucks are designed and equipped to take care of all of your needs in one visit. The advantage of this feature allows us to provide competitive rates.

Weed Control
Insect Control
Disease Control
Guaranteed Results

Termite Control
Termite Bonds
Termite Letters
Pre-Construction Treatments
Termite Inspections
Termidor Certified Professional

Customized Pest Programs
Year Round Protection
Monthly Services
Quarterly Services
One-Time Services

French Drains Installed
Prevent Crawl Space/Basement Flooding
Removes Standing Water in Lawn
Quality Products Promote Long Life

Crawl Space Encapsulation
Controls Climate in Crawl Space
Helps Control Mold and Fungi
Lowers Utility Costs
Clean Crawl Space Environment



Huntsville: 256-929-1024  Athens: 256-262-9233  Decatur: 256-274-9210

AAA Pest Control Corporation is based in Huntsville Alabama. All services and guarantees are subject to terms, conditions and agreement(s). No representation is made that the services of AAA Pest Control Corporation is greater than other companies that provide the same services. AAA Pest Control Corporation is properly licensed, bonded and insured in the State of Alabama. All pesticides are applied according to the label, State, and Federal laws.

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